Spring planting season

Spring planting season


Dear Clients and Friends of the nursery Trajnice Strgar,

In these difficult times of economic uncertainty and health risk, in the nursery Trajnice Strgar we are aware of the need for even more intensive cooperation. Please note that we continue to provide you with advice and supply of perennials.

To protect your health and our health, we operate in a tailored manner, preferably without personal contact.

We have more than 800 different types and varieties of perennials at our disposal, and we are always preparing new ones to enrich our gardens and surroundings for a more enjoyable stay, which is even more important in these times.

You can buy perennials:
- personal pick-up - by e-mail or telephone order and prepaid payment. We will pre-send you an invoice by email. Upon receipt of payment, perennials will be prepared at a specially designated place in the nursery, where they will be ready for personal pick-up without personal contact.

- express parcel delivery - by e-mail or telephone order and prepaid payment, which will also include the cost of sending according to TNT's valid price list. We will pre-send you an invoice by email. After receiving payment, we will prepare perennials and send them via express mail.

- visit to the nursery - is possible only by appointment. Payments are only possible with payment cards.

Lectures - Unfortunately, all lectures have to be canceled. This week, however, we will try to record the lecture and share it online. The garden is beautiful, so we feel it is a shame not to share it with you. I hope we'll able to make it.

We wish you a pleasant spring days and to be able to observe the beauty of the awakening nature despite the situation. May this be our source of joy and of little daily pleasures.

All good and stay healthy!

Bernarda Strgar Schulz and Bernarda Florjan